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You are probably hearing more today than ever before about the idea of “prearranging” your own funeral. There are many advertisements on television and radio, newspapers or in the mail. The purpose of this page is to provide you with information that will assist you in making this important decision for yourself, or for someone you love. We simply ask that you read the following information and respond to us on the “contact us” page. We will be glad to help you avoid pitfalls that are common and to provide you with a plan through Kerr Brothers Funeral Home.

Why Prearrange?

Kerr Brothers Funeral Home provides hundreds of prearrangements each year. These are for a wide variety of persons and needs. We assist a variety of ages, backgrounds, faiths, and financial situations. In spite of the diversity among the people who prearrange, there are some common reasons for prearranging. When we ask those who prearrange their funerals why they are doing so, the reply we hear most often, is that they are doing it for their family. Many times the person making prearrangements has had the experience of making funeral arrangements for someone they love when death has occurred. They tell us that while the funeral director that directed the funeral was very helpful in making the arrangements, it was too much to do at a very difficult time. Simply put, many people tell us their main reason for prearranging is to make it easier for everyone else.

The second most common reason for making prearrangements is that they want the funeral done their way. Some people want their funeral to accurately reflect important things in their life like military service or religious beliefs. Others want it done their way so that no one is left to make all the decisions regarding the funeral. Some of these people have said they are concerned that their children cannot agree on the details.

The third most common reason for making prearrangements is to remove the financial consideration from your survivors. Many people tell us that it's not only a matter of if there will be enough money for their funeral. They don't want their family to have to deal with it. Prefunding your funeral makes good sense; death is inevitable for all of us. Therefore, the cost of death is inevitable as well. It makes good financial sense to have an inevitable future expense paid.

What is involved?

Every once in a while we hear someone say that all of their funeral arrangements have been taken care of, when actually all they have done is purchased their cemetery property or bought a life insurance policy. Completing prearrangement involves three distinct areas: Information, Selection and Funding.


Certain information about you is needed for your funeral prearrangement. This information is needed for the funeral home to complete the required documents at the time of death including the death certificate and the social security notification. Some of the information needed includes your mother's maiden name, level of education and military background. Recording this information ahead of time only takes a few minutes but can make it much easier for your family. Many times the funeral director asks for information when a death occurs and the family doesn't know the answer. They have to make phone calls or search through information at the deceased home to answer the funeral directors questions. We have the form designed to record the necessary information for prearrangement that will answer the funeral directors questions at the time of death. The information is kept safe and confidential.


The next area of the prearrangement includes the selection of goods and services that make up the funeral. This includes the elements of the type of ceremony that you want including music and religious expression. The casket and outer burial container are also a part of the selection process. Once all the elements of the selections have been made we can determine the current price of the funeral. By making selections like these you are eliminating emotional decision making by your family. When we write down the selections you make we also ask what you want done with any jewelry that you wear such as a wedding band. It will help your family to know your wishes for things like wedding rings and other personal jewelry.


After the price is determined the funding portion of the prearrangement can be considered. There are several reasons it makes sense to fund your prearrangement. When you fund your funeral prearrangement Kerr Brothers Funeral Home guarantees that your plan will pay for the funeral you prearranged regardless of how long you live or how much the funeral cost has increased since the time you made the prearrangement. Funeral prices increase over time just like everything else. When you prearrange, the funding is based on the current price of the funeral. It may be twenty or thirty years before death will occur, during that time the funeral price may increase substantially. Our plan is guaranteed to cover the increased funeral cost at the time of death. This means that your family will not be responsible to pay for anything that was guaranteed in the prearrangement. In addition, our funding options qualify for Medicaid exemption should you ever become eligible for Medicaid benefits.

There are several options to funding your prearrangement. You should consider what works best for your current situation. One option is that you can pay for the funeral all at once with a single payment in the amount of the funeral. Another option is to make periodic payments either monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. The payment plans can be set up for three, five or ten years. Many people choose one of these options because it works well for their budget.


Kerr Brothers Funeral Home offers a free service to record your information and selections for the funeral. At the same time we can show you the cost of the arrangement you desired and the options for taking care of that ahead of time. In order to complete a funeral cost estimate it is first necessary for us to know what your wishes are for the services and merchandise involved in your arrangements. In addition, we can show you the options available for funding your prearrangement in the way that works best for you. All of this is done under no cost or obligation. We feel that it is important for everyone to have the information that we make available. One of the most common statements made when a family is making arrangements for deceased family member is "I wish we had taken care of this years ago".